It all started when...

Catharsis was founded in 2014 to create new reimagined productions of Greek drama and groundbreaking new work.


Unlike many other theatre companies, we’re not afraid of heavily reinventing classical source material that’s been passed down to us and creating out of what you thought you knew something unexpected, but which offers an insight into the ancient thing you started with. 


Our first show, Hippolytus, premiered in the summer of 2014. Most recently we performed our production of purged, a new piece by Associate Artist Chris Polites, at the Brighton Fringe in May 2017. 


We use theatre to investigate what goes on inside our heads; to look at the past and drop it slap bang into the present;  to create dreams, memories, visions. The work we make is highly physical, and collaborative - we’re a broad church, and believe good magic comes out of lots of amazing people working together. 


Our understanding of what theatre can and should be is still evolving, and will continue to. 



   partners in crime

    Below are some of our Associate Artists and other people we stay up late at night pondering the deeper questions of theatre with.