HECUBA (2015) 

only chaos can lay a ghost to rest 


★★★★ "a thought-provoking play, stark and unflinching in its scrutiny of how little the human species has progressed" - the upcoming

★★★★ "a thoroughly entertaining hour of drama....I’ll be on the lookout for more Greek drama from here on!" - London theatre 1  


How long can you keep losing until you snap? And when you’re forced to snap, can you still cling to what makes you sane, whole, human?

                                         Image © Mandy Gasson

                                         Image © Mandy Gasson


Following the success of Hippolytus, Catharsis Theatre continue to develop their distinctive physical and storytelling style, drawing equally from the ancient source material and from the world around us, forging new relationships between present and past, story and reality.

Devised in response to the fallout of the General Election and following Euripides’ tale of the former queen driven to gouge out her antagonist’s eyes and murder his sons, this will be Greek drama as you’ve never experienced it before.

Hecuba premiered at the White Bear Theatre in London in July 2015. 


Director Justin Murray

Writer Chris Polites

Designer Laura Stanfield

Lighting Designer Rajiv Pattani 

Sound Designer Paul Freeman 

Cast Lucinda Lloyd, Ben Scheck, Isobel Wolff, Roisin Keogh