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The eclipse is coming. One of us must die.

Playing at The Crypt Gallery, Euston 28 Feb - 3 March.

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the (almost) complete greek tragedies (2017)

Three actors.

Thirty-one tragedies.

No clue.

purged (2016) 

You are now twenty nine. A few weeks ago you attempted to stay twenty nine forever.

You failed.

Now words fail you.

But you have to try and explain anyway.   

A haunting, visceral tale of growing up in the world. 


hecuba (2015) 

How long can you keep losing until you snap?

And when you’re forced to snap, can you still cling to what makes you sane, whole, human?

Following Euripides’ revenge tragedy of the former queen of Troy, this will be Greek tragedy as you've never seen it before. 


hippolytus (2014) 

A man walks onto a stage and starts giving a lecture on Greek tragedy.

But who is the goddess he keeps glimpsing out of the corner of his eye? And why do the characters from his notes keep drifting off the page and into his world?

Welcome to the twisted world of Hippolytus, a dark story of guilt, gender, and the things we can’t run away from.